A phase where impossibility does not exist!                                                        Purpose of Adolescence project is to create an art gallery with the audio tour narrates the narrative of a teenage boy, specifically the discovery of his own gender. In addition, this project is trying to change the traditional myths and society discrimination toward the LGTBQ+ community. We truthy believe that using the magic of ART will bridge us to succeed in the project.

The fascinating fact of our project is, we always begin the class with affirmation, it’s one of the strategies to provoke our energy and our brain ready to dive into work. Besides, to work in this project specifically, Ingenuity is needed, therefore we always watch the other artists’ artistic artworks for our inspiration of the day. Including some break for us to relax from our works. Assignment!!!!! Yeahhhhh!! We got to present our artworks in front of everyone in the class and detailing the stories hidden behind the masterpiece. I just love the organization of this project. It seems to be so busy but it turns out so much better. I’m amazed to see everyone contributes their hard work and precious time to this project. Thanks!

In order to accomplish the goal, we need a ton of hours, and plus a lot of members to contribute to the team so that we can complete the tasks on time. So the leader (Venghour) of the project has divided the team into five departments, 1. Studio art, 2. Performance art, 3. Sculpture, 4. Marketing, and 5. Media. Before that, we started off with reading the narrative, so that we can work to transform those stories into different artworks regard to different departments.

In this project, it isn’t a matter if you are not a professional artist, as long as you have the commitment, love, passion, and enthusiasm. Me, I’m not into the dance with a lot of difficult and professional movements, and also different kind of techniques but I still continue it. Even though sometimes, I complain that it’s hard and I can’t do it but a side of me, I’m a person who loves to dance. On the other hand, we already released our first dance to a huge group of students in our academy during the sharation event. Hahaha! I didn’t dance the same as the choreography for two times, but life is still keeping forward so make sure, you try to risk something before it’s late. Most of the time, we didn’t go along smoothly. Sometimes it was rough, dark, and other times, it was light but you know what, we gotta keep on moving with positivity. SMILE and HEAD UP!! 

Khmer Children’s Literature Project

Khmer Children’s literature project was mainly to publish six children books based on six Liger Leadership academy core values, which contained, Stewardship, Integrity, Optimism, appreciation, determination, and ingenuity. These six storybooks aim to help Khmer kids access to Cambodian storybooks with such brave messages to push kids to develop themselves as a great human being in the future and an intelligent learner.

First week, we began to read other storybooks to get inspiration and had some ideas in order to map out what our stories were. On the other hand, Graphic was another main element of the storybooks to attract their attention to grab these books to read and get inspired. It also helps to boost their education and intellect. After, collected those needed elements which were, correct contents, wonderful graphics, so now what?  “Indesignnnnnnn,” This platform allowed me to design my own pages and export as a digital book. Came to a lasttttt process which sharing book and found the sponsors to help us publish these six cartoonish books to the world.

To share our books, my team and I went to Kampot province to participate in the “Kampot Reader and Writer festival”. The event attended a few people, there weren’t many kids but still kept our positive attitude. As problem solvers, we quickly took an opportunity to find kids nearby who were fascinated by our books. After we came back, some of my friends and I found a kindergarten quite far from an event location so we decided to go as our last hour without hesitation. I really enjoy the moment with them. I shared my story and my graphics to them with enthusiasm. After this trip, I got a lot of good suggestions and comments as well as compliments. Overall, I hope these six books can impact Khmer kids and build a bridge that leads to a brighter education. (MY BOOK-TIN AND THE GHOST ON THE SIDEWALK)

Website-First Experience

Learning to develop the webpage of the website by using a different kind of techniques, codes, and styles are really complex in order to create an attractive website. The first experience was very contended to overcome those difficulties, but after learning for a while, I understood that “HTML and CSS” were much easier than “Python”. Plus, all the tags are understandable and uncomplicated. After one chapter to another, I am able to use tags to form my own codes. In class, I always remind myself, what is the subsequent, so then I can prepare myself to continue. After learning HTML and CSS, Max my teacher introduced everyone in the class to a new code system to use; It’s much easier to use which is “Bootstrap”. The first touch, I thought it was very struggling and hard. After studying and getting to understand it even more; I discovered that those setup codes were more helpful than those two codes above. The goal of the class was to create one website for each student, so am I? Check my web here. About me.


This New school year, the Refugee topic was the first topic that I studied and discussed During this project, I learned different stories in history. Mostly, it was about the Vietnam war and Inside-out and Back-again novel. In class, everyone shared their information and did teamwork to figure out some of the important events that were happening in the stories or poems. Learning to write and structure a poem, try to perceive meaning from poetry, It’s very challenging for me to define an actual meaning and the right perspective of the author. After 7 weeks of learning the Refugee topic, I felt really connected to those refugees who were struggling to find resettlement and other resources for their survival. Last Chance (Poem, Read)   


          Vikki Vansickle                                                   Pamela Walton                                          

How Can I Change Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the countries among others, whose share the border between neighboring countries but in terms of the land, Cambodia owns the ocean along to the west region of the country: Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville, and Koh Kong. To illustrate that, this attractive beach catches the tourists’ attention to visit every year, therefore, Cambodian workers can earn more income by running restaurants, hotels, fishing, and etc. On the other hand, oceans playing a significant role in the economic industry, transport the import products and export products throughout the country. Besides that, recently, research estimates that Khmer’s ocean has 545 species presented. These fascinating creatures are to preserve but several study researchers aren’t yet discovering and begin to dig out to the depth of the ocean’s exploration, however, Marine Conservation Cambodia steps out to protect and help to prevent threats due to the illegal activities that appear in Koh Seh tropical island. 

The mysterious diversity, aliens organisms live and depend down there such as vertebrates species, invertebrates species, bioluminescence, and more. Furthermore, coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests provide tremendous habitats and feed the tiny fishes to survive and defend themselves from the larger fishes. For instance, oxygen produced by trees, for us as individuals to breathe, according to National Geographic explained that one-third(28%) of the oxygen produced from forests, while the other two-thirds(70%) came from the sea plants(phytoplankton, algae, and seagrasses), and the 2% left from other resources. Overall, Ocean’s a magnificent life element because it assists us by offering oxygen, food, and job but have you ever considered the threat due to the ocean. Take a while and restore and imagine, how could you help the ocean become a marvelous place?

Presently illegal fishing, trash, and water pollution are being a concern for Cambodia’s ocean. Take the case of illegal fishing, “Trawling” is a common method to fish, the enormous net/electric net design to catch everything on the bottom of the seafloor but for the main trawlers’ fishing target are just fishes, shrimps, crabs, and octopuses, but why is that net gathers everything? Imagine, these gorgeous creatures have gone, the food web will collapse soon there aren’t longer those species would exist again. Fishermen get advantage from the sea every day but the impact is way essential. In order to decrease the amount of trawling is an arduous process, why? more percentage of fishermen that won’t continue with the traditional method, since the fishing style was updated. In a developing country like Cambodia, the market systems are still figuring out, hope to look for a better quality system with a high price for all the products, to make fishermen go back with a traditional method.  The traditional method isn’t as effective net as trawling net. Also, Cambodia should at least have a marine authority station in each of the main islands to look after the unlaw trawler do the illegal fishing, to do that the salary for policies should be increased, otherwise, they’ll be involved in these illegal activities, instead of fighting for the right one, police, and fisherman both should work together to make it happen. 

Besides that, Trashes’s another effective threat as well, from Phnom Penh Post said that around 10 million plastic bags are used in Phnom Penh city every day. Plus 90 percent of plastic bags in the world end up in the ocean, Cambodia’s also involved. As you know that plastic doesn’t biodegradable easily, it can stay up to hundreds and thousands of years. By the time it broke down, it’ll transform into microparticles called microplastics, the chemical substance leak especially into soil and sea. This chemical is so harmful to animals, humans, and environments. In addition to this threat, Trash bins should already stay in their position where the people can put all the trashes instead of throwing them down. Trash bins are an excellent choice but better to decrease the number of plastics by using fabric bags, reusable bags, biodegradable bags, and paper bags instead. The major supermarkets in Phnom Penh such as Aeon Mall, Lucky supermarket begin with a new plan by charging 400៛ ($0.10) per plastic bag, such a great plan for all the supermarkets in Cambodia or in any foundations. To evaluate is easy but the actual action needs more concentration, Nowadays, NGOs and Academies have helped to spread the lessons to the students and citizens about the impacts and benefits of plastic in our country. Hobbies can be changed if you try so from everyone’s help, the government is also easy to work and communicate with. Our society is ours and it always still ours so please clean to help our kingdom wonderful.    

 “Coastal Developments” known as a huge threat to the ocean too, Coastal Development refers to the constructions and factories on the coastal line. As a consequence, Water pollution ends up in the sea by these entertainment places after their activity according to Moreover, water pollution(wastewater) divided into four huge categories: Industrial, domestic, agricultural and urban. By the time it reaches the sea, the ocean will be polluted by these four wastewaters. As soon as it enters in, marine diversities are a victim rather than get advantage from this wastewater. All the species can’t survive in this dirt water because of the mixture chemical. Different kinds of species will soon die and suffer from drinking or breathing in this wastewater as well as air pollution that makes the human struggle to breathe. On the other hand, the owner of the building next to the seashore should know of this huge issue. This issue wouldn’t solve without every single international and national company owner and more importantly, is the government, this problem needs government helps and the owners of the constructions need to work together with the government to find the solution to input these wastewaters to another place. Wastewater can benefit you if you separate them which one of these wastewaters can continue to use such as, water the farm, clean material, and more. That way, you don’t submit to wastewater pollution in the world. 

In conclusion, the ocean helps humans, therefore, it should deserve the benefit back. The crisis still remains and still increase from day to another. Like Trawling, Trash, and pollution are an unresolved issue, all the issue won’t disappear but it cuts off from little to little. For instance, the helpers can only help but never see a true person who actually made a mistake, rarely step out to processing, helping, and responsible. The solutions above are just my visionary ideas for you to identify and understand to start to love our ocean. For me, I’m just an ordinary boy who just has this critical idea but a person with that knowledge in their conscience will never make the disaster to life.  Your decisions can impact the world around you, so think critically before you take any step.


             Engineering has spread throughout the world, a goal to help human’s life easier with the electrical machines or naturally discovered machines. This round and the previous round, my facilitators has shown me a benefit of using the simple machines, also not just that, I discovered, how the machines are worked as well. A simple machine is a device by its self to lift material up or down and push backward or forward in the atmosphere by using less energy. Simple machines such as the lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel and axle have helped the world every single precious day. The enormous machine is the combination of the simple machine together, as an instance, lever and wedge form an ax, this called compound machine. 

              In my STEM class, we discussed and present our research on this simple machine topic. In each team, we presented a different kind of the simple machine and the working process of a simple machine that facilitator has given. For my team, the lever has chosen for us, the research found out that, a lever is “ a simple machine the combination of a long beam or rod that is fixed to a pivot point which is fulcrum onto which a load is attached and an effort force is applied”. This obstacle topic has never shown until we understand this topic transparency. As an example, a fishing rod is a compound machine. Isn’t it impossible or Why? That is Engineering!! 

                For Engineering project with another facilitator, We studied about a toy that connects to the simple machines and we brought them to live as we discover it on our own. To bring this Engineering subject to a government school to study and experience of doing experimental activities with us is the main target for our project. Finally, we achieve it, we shared our knowledge to three schools in Phnom Penh city and it got out really fascinating to them as a result. At the same time, we built a toy but we still tough them some lesson related to the toy that they were building. 

                This Final school year, STEM still my incredible subject for me to study and try hard to become a better improver who always listen and concentrate to a teachable teacher, who was explaining to all the time in a class. Hope that I’ll be better understanding STEM and comfortable to discuss or explaining to classmates. 

Full Article about Simple Machine, Continue reading…?


        Conflict subject is always a useful language in a conflict circumstance in life. One round to another round, math increase speed so much, from easy to extremely difficult level, and that is how math is working in my math group. I’m an unfortunate person who still keeps continuing to another next level as I can without another contradictory opinion about math. This round, math facilitator taught us about prealgebra chapter but I’m already prep myself to go far in the depth of algebra world. In class, I felt confident and sure about what my teacher has taught me to discuss with another person or even explaining my friends when they need help.                                             

In group work, I   always shared my knowledge with them and work as a  team very well with fantastic collaboration. On the other hands, challenge always shown up for me but I never give up on math, since I really fascinated and how cool it is? Even though is struggle process, I still crawl to catch that opportunity for myself and show my teacher that I can do it!! The following year is a serious year ever to accomplish because I’ll be a senior next year, I hope to become a knowledgable math learner. 


                   Technology this round catch my attention to study and give me a lot of possibilities to practice for myself and others. Solo Touch is one of the techniques to become a better learner. An hour to hour, my focus was always to keep it in. During class, I chose to learn ADOBE SOFTWARE because I’m really interested in it. In the future, I need it for my job since I want to become a professional designer. I discover and learn this lesson from internet, then I practice on my own and if I have questions, I’ll ask my delightful friends and teachers around me to figure out but most of the time is myself. This project is so wondrous, you can produce whatever you want to see the possible outlook, there are a ton of functions that you can use to design for your projects. All the buttons and all of the functions are so updated and organized ready for you to design. For my personal perspective, I understand that Technology is one of the life connection between humans and all of the electric devices. This smart object will continue to the future, I wish in the future, there will a lot of technology for the young generations to identify and investigate to make it even more unusual than now. I made three art pieces but this bottom one is the most beautiful.  


Math, this round has been a fantastic journey for me and for my classmates because we got to learn two or three textbooks at the time because our facilitators want us to be ready for our next level, which is a senior level.   I am so proud of own myself and others because they can catch up and following the teacher’s explanations, in a short way I can say that, they are really flexible to learn in this class. I think they did a really incredible job to be ready for themselves to start a day like this. I hope that they will find their future as they are now trying really hard. During class time, my teacher gave us a work to do but that one fact was that she always put us into the team to work together, I think the reason behind it is, she wants us to collaborate, explain to each other, help each other and etc. Down below is one of my lessons in class and if you are interested, Check it out!

Properties of Angle

                 Vertical Opposite Angle

Related image 
                 Complementary Angle 

Image result for complementary angle png
                 Supplementary Angle 
Image result for supplementary angle png
                    and 360° Angle
Pictures(Google Chrome)


Round 4 has been magnificent round for me because STEM is in a role. I felt very amazing and I can’t believe that it’s just gone very soon like this, but that it’s okay to learn a new lesson of life but at the same time I do learn everything in Liger leadership Academy about education. STEM class this round, we learned about Motion, but before I get into it, let me explain to you what is motion. According to CK12 article said that “Motion can also be defined simply, as a change in position.” There are 4 four types of motion: Vector, motion, a frame of reference, and distance. If you want to continue reading about Motion, Please check the link down below. During class time, my teacher did the experiment, reading, discussing, and presenting, so then we are all can understand the big picture and the idea of the topic easily. Overall I really enjoy learning STEM but I want more entertainment as we learn along so it doesn’t make it bored.