Photography is a skill that everybody should know but for me, I don’t like it at all but now I realize that it is important to take a photography skill. Take a look at photos that I took!

Disability Project

( People with Disability at PSE )

Along the road, there are a lot of students go to school to study. Some of the students are so smart. Everyone has their own subject that they like to learn the most. They have a lot of opportunities to study. Typical people can do everything they want. people with a disability should have the same opportunity as typically people do. There are different types of disability such as deaf, blind, on legs, no arms, autism, Intellectual, down syndrome, dyslexia and etc. All of those people should get the same education as typical people do. People were born to explore their own Life, they don’t know and get to prepare, what is going to happen in the future. If you never get disability then you never understand and know what it feels like? We know them from the outside but we don’t them from the inside. We can see, We can feel, We can smell, We can touch but we can’t taste. In a government school, I never see and learn about disability but after I go to Liger leadership Academy, I got to learn, understand, and see. I got to share my experience with other people in Liger sharation day. we should include people with disability. We should build a special school for this types of people because they are hard to understand like the typical people. they need time to understand, for example, if one typical student needs 15 minutes to understand so it means that student with  disability needs 30 minutes to understand. We should respect them and don’t bullying them otherwise they will do something different, some people angry of the typical people bullying them so they kill their own self because they think that they are different from other. I hope typical people and people with disability get the same opportunity to do something. We were born in one world, we should hold our hands together and change it.

Geography Highlights

                                                     Geography Project Team 

  • Oddar Meanchey
  • When I went to Angkor Wat temple, I saw a lot of foreigners that came to visit Angkor Wat, I am so proud of Cambodia because other country gets to know Cambodia.
  • Along a road, I saw the people who grew the rice in the rice field, I felt like I stay in the green nature.
  • I couldn’t believe that the people are working at rubber farm when I arrived there  I saw them, then I thought that they are the thieves but actually they were the worker on that farm.
  • Before I came to Liger school, I never get to interview the people but after this trip, I got to interview a lot of people and also the people that I interviewed, I never know them before.
  • I saw the people with disabilities worked, the leader of Weaves of Cambodia said that those of people, they got to work there because they didn’t have a job and also they have the disability so he wants to give the opportunity to them to have the job. People with disability, they were making the Khmer scarf to sell outside of the country but also in the country as well.
  • Preah Vihear temple is near to Thailand border.  When I went to the top of the Dongrek mountain and I stood there, I could see Thailand. Before I thought that Preah Vihear is only one temples  but then I went there I saw many temples there.
  • In Oddar Meanchey, at evening, I have taken one beautiful scenery in this province. The sky was orange mix yellow and red with nature all together they formed a beautiful scenery.
  • When I climbed up to Dong Rek mountain by car with my friend to see Preah Vihear temple, during sitting on the car and the back of the car and driving to the top of the mountain and everyone was shouting to each other like the bird is singing in the morning. We were shouting with excitement.
  • Day went pass so quickly that I nearly forgot memory about Samboprie Kok. When I went to this place, I felt like I stayed in that time because a guy who guides us was talking about the histories of all of those temples and they were interesting stories behind all the temples.
  • Kulen waterfall was so beautiful. That time everyone was shouting to our teacher that we want to swim, then our teacher allows us to swim and everyone prepared to swim after we prepared then everyone was jumping to the water every quickly like the dolphins. The water was very cold and I stayed under the waterfall but for the girls, they didn’t go to that place because it was very deep and far and also dangerous. Me and Chhay swam to that place and he was safe but for me I got a little bit hurt because the water was fall on my back then I couldn’t get up then I say to myself that I have to get out of this problem them finally I did it, overall it was very nice trip with my friends and also I hope to come back to all of those places again.


Khmer MUN

Have you ever do the Khmer MUN? If you never do it, let me tell you about it. After many weeks ago I was doing research for Khmer MUN. MUN means Model United Nation. It is similar to a big assembly. In this meeting, there are a lot of delegates will talk about the solutions. Delegate means a person who represents their country to find the solution to solve the problem.

In this meeting, there is a problem that the world is facing so all the delegates have to find the best solutions to solve the problem. They have to find more than five solutions, and all of the solutions must be different. In this assembly, there are different delegates and come from a different country. Now let talk back about the Khmer MUN, I never do Khmer MUN before, this is my first time that I got to do it. I was so excited and a little nervous but I can do it.

The beginning of the MUN all the delegates have to open the speech in their own country to the whole meeting one by one until all the delegates do their open speech and also before we do the opening speech, the chairs told us the role in this meeting. After opening speech, we continue to the solutions. The chairs gave us 30 minutes for the practice and prepare or find more solution to the topic. After 30 minutes went path, the main submitter has to read through the solution that they have read down. Solutions time, the chair was divided into two, there are the positive team and opposite team. It depends on their own country, does the country agree on the topic or disagree on the topic if the country agrees, so the delegate has to go to a positive team. In each tea, they have to choose one main submitter to read the solution to the whole meeting, after the main submitter read their solutions team already, negative team will ask some question about the solutions that they just read through and also in the next few minutes, the negative team will go up to read the solutions then positive team can ask about the solutions to negative team after they done their reading.

After the questions end, we move on to the next section, it was strike time. All the delegate can strike other team solution because you think that not right to do like that, then other teams will come to talk more specifically about their clauses to clarify about the solutions that you want to strike. It is nearly time for quote time. Finally, all the delegates were quoting for the best solutions to the topic. I just want to tell the readers that MUN isn’t about winning or losing, it isn’t the same as debating.

MUN is about finding the solutions to solve the problem that the people the around the world is facing nowadays. For example, the world now is using plastic bags, so if this is a problem then you have to find a good solution to solve it. But if your country doesn’t use many plastic bags then you can find positive solutions. You know that you agree because of the country, it isn’t about your opinion to choose to agree or disagree.

I hope one day Cambodia will have this meeting too. It is a good subject for the student in Cambodia to learn and get to know about it. If you become a leader in one day, if you go somewhere then you have to do the opening speech to another country about your country then you have to know how can you do the opening speech look great. This is so important that the students around the world should learn about it, start from young. Again I hope one day Cambodia government will put this subject it to school time for the students.