About Me

Welcome to my portfolio! 

My name is Sokheng Em. I’m just an ordinary guy who grew up in a small town in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia. I used to study in a government school for seven years before I received a scholarship to Liger. I used to be exposed to traditional learning methods, but Liger’s curriculum is far beyond what I have experienced. Project-based learning is the core focus of liger’s education, by participating in these projects, I have become a critical thinker. 

In the third year, I was involved in a project called “Entrepreneurship;” I was studying how business works while starting to design handbags with my two members as a start-up business. Within seven weeks, more than 10 handbags designed by my team were purchased. My passion for understanding and improving Cambodia’s economy has driven me to join the Business Model Competition with a new team. The aim of my team business was to create a virtual platform, “Mhao Srop,” where audiences can enjoy high-quality and authentic Cambodian performances, ranging from cultural to rising contemporary art while helping local artists earn a stable income. This business model was awarded first place as the national champion.

Since I was young, I used to dream of becoming an English professor. However, after I have explored my passion through doing projects and joining competitions, it opened up my lense to the various jobs that I could have never thought of, and I’m grateful for that. 

Liger didn’t just provide me with a high-quality education, Liger has helped me to find my future pathway and has opened up my lens to current opportunities, which can help my future. The projects, classes, and campaigns that I was involved in have empowered me to step out of my comfort zone to change the world around me. I started to use my voice to advocate for different problems, such as pollution and LGBTQIA+ issues. I believe that change wouldn’t happen if I haven’t started from myself, but I realized that change wouldn’t happen if everyone is still asleep. Therefore, let’s GET UP and CHANGE the world together!