Impact Statement

The final round of the Business Model Competition (BMC) was held on February 22, 2021, at CJCC, Phnom Penh city. This competition used to be open only to university students. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised by the fact that university students were filling the room, and only fewer high school students were there. Around lunch break, my team was presenting our business project to the judges in the final panel. After many presentations have been served to the judges, we anxiously awaited the “top 5 finalists” result. As I approached the panel room, the silence covered the entire space. So, I walked steadily to my group, then took a seat while paying attention to the announcer’s opening remark. My mentor, Keith, was patting my back while I was maintaining my posture. I couldn’t stop thinking about the eyes that were staring at me during my presentation. While I was patiently waiting, I laid my face down to my knees with my leg continuously shaking. Soon the announcer commenced to call upon the teams, I could feel the unfamiliar emotion boiling inside me, the fear of losing. My teammate, Bopha, was gripping my wrist with her voice whispering my name like she was sending hope toward me. As the announcer processed the list of names, I exhaled stiffly, and I would hear my name again called by Bopha. “Calm down,” she whispered a second time. I heard every bit of it, but no sound would come out of my mouth to respond. The hope and faith that have been settled just now, was bubbling in my core like it was about to shatter. I couldn’t ground myself from wanting the announcer to call upon my team. The announcer paused for a second before he called the last team, causing me to feel even more nerve-wracking. 

“MHAO SROP!” he remarked.

“YES!” my voice was echoing, shaking the whole panel. 

I rose from tremendous fear to jumping on my feet with enthusiasm. Though I claimed the victory, I recognized that the failures were the ones who unlocked the gate for me to achieve the impact I wished for. 

As a competitor among many others, failure and success will define my pathway. It’ll prevent me from accelerating if I haven’t yet encountered one of these gateways: failure–success. I acknowledge that “I want to win,” so does everyone else? Thus, I forget that I’m living the same art form as millions of people out there. So, I was tempted to quit when failure arose, or I was tempted to overestimate myself when I succeeded. It appears to me that it’s easy enough to downgrade and customize the failures as the “LOSERS.” Is this the art form we humans are creating? Is that the type of dignity we are adopting? It’s certain people’s personal choices to determine their art form, but for me, I choose to design the type of form that can embrace individuals’ titles and imperfections. 

Through this entire process, I was seeking a possible room to design an art form that highlights the impact. The way I choose to view impact after unfolding my chapters of struggles is that hope and self-faith are leading to a spark of change. Besides, the impact can be broadened by letting myself utilize one’s imperfections as a model. On top of that, overcoming the fear of losing is a factor that contributes to a step of impact. With these qualities, I believe that the impact is more influential–practical, and changes will be positively made. 

April 23, 2021, the BMC Mekong Challenge Competition has arrived. Many countries participated: Laos, Vietnam, Bhutan, Myanmar, and my homeland, Cambodia. All of the teams have different and unique ideas. For my team, our business idea was to create a virtual platform where audiences can enjoy Cambodian authentic performances. By the time our customers purchased our product, we hoped that we could shed light on priceless performing art while helping local artists to earn a stable income. Due to the effect of COVID-19, the patterns of the whole competition have changed, from having to present physically to present virtually. Though we were required to present virtually, my team was fortunate enough to deliver our presentation through a recorded video. However, the pressure and intensity were still high like in the previous times. After the presentation has been delivered, it’s time for the Q & A session. There were many unfamiliar judges this time. As a result, I was astonished by the capacity of irrelevant questions that they asked. My sweat was pouring out like it has not been in years. It was the wildest 20 minutes I have ever experienced. Soon, I left the zoom call, multiple notifications were banning my phone like it was about to crack my phone audio. I received warm messages from my mentor, however, I didn’t feel any of it. The regret and mistakes made us have a long conversation after that. A few hours went by, it was close to midnight, Bopha called me. I normally picked up and greeted each other as brother and sister would do. This time, it seemed to be unusual, her tone was rough. 

“Bong Heng! We didn’t win,” she finally shrieked. 

I froze for a whole minute like an arrow just shot me directly to the heart. Why? Why? My soul just betrayed me, leaving only the unconscious mind for a second. 

Even though I couldn’t repossess my full energy, I learned that failure was just a time frame for me to progress my growth. I couldn’t be more disappointed because “Suffering is probably necessary to make us grow,” Pamela Weintraub once stated. In addition, skills and lessons such as networking, presenting, and managing are worth carrying away, instead of the only victory. On the other hand, my teammates have assisted me all along regarding a downfall moment. I’m beyond appreciative that they also helped me to mirror myself, especially when I constantly compare myself to others. It was the journey that I would always value and remember for the rest of my life. 

Several days have passed, I have begun to overcome my fear of losing by regrowing new hope and self-faith. It wasn’t the most comfortable task to accomplish, I would say, but I have tried to help myself gain hope and self-belief for the sake of my growth. You shouldn’t expect change to be easy because it has never been so. Put yourself in the position of discomfort, it’ll certainly pay off.

My perception and perspective toward impact have changed over a few weeks after the Mekong Challenge Competition ended. I used to believe that impact exists when the green light appears. However, the competition proved me wrong, impact can still shift even if there is a red light. All I need to input is just hope and self-faith. Failure in and of itself is the foundation of what it means to be successful in the future. What I have learned from failure has shaped me into a person who is increasingly hopeful, faithful, and confident regardless of any circumstance. 

Competition overall is just a place for me to master my weaknesses and bridge my missing gaps. It’s a space that requires me to collect as much knowledge as I possibly can to fill in my bucket for my following journey. Before I could firmly stand on the peak of the mountain of change, I needed to confront the red lights that were being lit up in front of my face. Although the paths beneath were more likely to always be red, each red light is a gift and lesson that one must learn for the green light to shine bright. Since the project ended, I have come to believe that the force of hope, faith, and failure is the source of energy to climb up the summit of the mountain of change.  

After this never-ending expedition, I came across a life-changing mountain that required a passionate hope and faith for impact to ignite. In addition, confidence is a major supplier to reach the peak, and it’ll help to fuel the climber to continue conquering the rough paths. All in all, don’t let imperfection or failure distract you from creating impact or the art form you are dreaming of. Wear your confidence, spread your beliefs, don’t quit until you see the green light. Keep climbing and keep climbing.

Impact Statement

Have you ever been mixed up about your sexuality? Because I have been drowning in the deep confusion for so long. Five years ago, I truly acknowledged that I wasn’t secure with my pure identity. Once I used to study at the government school. A zone, where uncertainty often showed upon me, where they stigmatized LGTBQ+ people senselessly. BULLIED. “TALK LIKE A MAN,” “WALK LIKE A MAN,” “AH KTERY (Intersex-negative connotation).” These burning words have labeled me like a tattoo that I couldn’t erase. I’ve heard these unacceptable languages for years wherever I been, but I stressfully remained in silence. Shy. Afraid. One word has turned me from a silly boy to someone I couldn’t expect. Introvert. Emotional distress. This was a time I was really confused about my sexual attraction and who I really am. I didn’t even know what is LGTBQ+ back then. So, I thought I have brain issues, that why I was thinking and behaving differently from the other ordinary boys. Bully didn’t only happen to me once but over again. Some days I wished that they could at least call me by my name “SOKHENG.” The nickname was stuck in my mind until  I completely forgot my real name. A name that officially belongs to me “Sokheng.” Only I remembered, “Ah Ktery” did not define either one of “LGTBQ+” but only “intersex.”  

LGTBQIA+ is the acronym of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual.”

Lesbian: A woman who is emotionally or sexually attracted to other women. Gay: A sexual orientation that describes a person who is emotionally or sexually attracted to people of their own gender; commonly used to describe men. Transgender: A person whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Bisexual: A person who is emotionally or sexually attracted to more than one sex or gender. Queer: They are people whose gender identity can be both male and female, neither male nor female, nor a combination of male and female. Intersex; Born with sex characteristics such as genitals or chromosomes that do not fit the typical definitions of male or femaleAsexual; A person who experiences no sexual attraction to other people (Alia E. Dastagir, USA TODAY).

A welcoming place where I was born doesn’t comfort me, Cambodia. A nation that doesn’t fully support the LGTBQ+ community. That’s why Cambodians still lack knowledge about this topic since this topic isn’t provided at school. Resulting in, discrimination, violence, suicide, and exclusion. Plus, crude nicknames: Ah PD, Ah Ktery (Intersex), A Nhi (Female), Ah Sim Pi (Two SIM cards), Ah Jake (Banana) intentionally apply to this community. Yet, there is no legal protection as well as no same-sex marriage recognition. Khmer Marriage tradition between man and woman has been rooted in Khmer culture for centuries. Until this nation couldn’t accept the fact of same-sex marriage tradition. These influences and the traditional norms are how the laws are implemented. Besides, Culture has been tremendously shaping Cambodians to behave, to talk, to believe a certain way, for instance like Chbab Bros & Chbab Srey (Man’s role & Woman’s role) written to be practiced. This presents how much Cambodia is behind other ASEAN countries to accept the community to the kingdom. Born in a Khmer shelter, I don’t have the right and chances to expose my true self to the outside world. My parents do not allow me to do certain activities that boys are restricted to such as do makeup, wear women’s clothes, play barbie, instead they demand me to behave like Kon bros derm trong bram hat (a son with five meters chest long). OBEY!

Because of this discrimination toward the community (figure above), it encouraged one of the first cohort students (Venghour-17 years) at Liger Leadership Academy (my school) to step into action and confidently start a project to end this issue. He has been through tough circumstances as well as discrimination, just because of his personality, behavior, and appearance. So, in early 2020 of my academic year, I was accepted as a member of the ADOLESCENCE project led by this young male student (Venghour). As in the project, “The ultimate goal is to extend the awareness of the complications or struggles relating to gender identity and sexuality, and expressing love through the power of art,” (-Venghour). 10 teammates and a project leader (Venghour) have come up with a defined solution to tackle this issue. In class, we separated into five departments: studio art, marketing, performance, sculpture, and media. “ART,” a leader himself chose art as a concept to promote change and positivity to the community since art is his potential. 

To start a class, we affirmed ourselves to be ready for the day. “… I AM AN ARTIST,” this last phrase always reminded and provoked me to productively work. In addition, we looked up to different LGTBQ+ artists like Prumsodun Ok (A Khmer classical dancer), Jonathan Lyndon Chase (contemporary artist), and more to gain inspiration. But also investigated their techniques of how they deliver messages through their artwork. Soon it’s finished, we broke up to work for each of our departments. We were working on different types of skills: painting, photoshopping, sculpture designing, coding, marketing, and dancing. It required a lot of determination, time, practice, and love, in order to fulfill our ambition. Each member has been contributing much energy and hard work just to produce this visual art gallery and our performance to become reality.  Furthermore, we shared personal stories, individual experiences, and discussed deeply how LGTBQ+ people have been affected by their society. 

Just a first few weeks ago in the project, I slowly changed my perspective toward this community already. I started to not judge or exclude them, instead, I have opened my heart and mind to accept and cheer them. I was here in the project for a reason, I knew I am here to change the world for the better. I’m not just an ordinary boy in the town anymore, but now I’m a leader. So I don’t wait for the change like I used to because change begins from me. That is why I don’t hesitate anymore to be colorful and to show the beauty of who I am. 

After seven weeks of work and much sweat and tears, we opened the first show to our Liger family. Performance under a topic of Discrimination in School – Fourth Grade from a life experience that Venghour encountered. I have never danced in front of many audiences with eyes staring at me through the whole dance but suddenly felt like a professional dancer. I danced to bring back who I really am. To bring the old me that was funny, full of myself, joyful, colorful, and confident. Not shamefully hide the pain of the bully to only me anymore. Let the world start to hear; “You’re weak,” “YOUR BUD IS TOO CERVE,” “You’re like a girl,”  Ah PD, Ah Ktery (Intersex), A Nhi (Female), Ah Sim Pi (Two SIM cards), Ah Jake (Banana). We danced with a teardrop and in pain, to reveal how much we have to suffer, but most importantly was to empower other LGTBQ+ to stand up and value yourself, also to show the reality of our lives. Plus, to stop the random naming toward these people. This is what the adolescence project is about. However, Human rights in Cambodia seem to fade away from us. Still, I risk until I receive acceptance, rights, and equality. I surely do it for the sake of the community. ស៊ូដើម្បីជីវិត! Fight for life! 

Being here for seven weeks, I gradually comprehended who I was as a person. The confidence I noticed myself from the beginning I stepped into this project and now is hugely changed. By contributing my ideas and vision to this project, it has reduced the stress and pain that has been in me for years. I learned to be a leader both for myself and others. Especially I got to explore many paintings as well as amazing artists. Besides, I also learned about team collaboration, team management, and creativity. The personality that is always fun and the state of owning my beauty and my name is back. This project has inspired me to step a little beyond my limitation zone and push me to be a greater human being. Felt a bit blissful!

But that’s not it! 

A final task of the adolescence project is to exhibit an art gallery full of sensitive masterpieces with audio of Venghour’s life story hidden behind as well as the last performance will be performed. Different types of artworks will be showcased: digital painting, photograph, canvas painting, sculpture, and videos. We’ll offer this opportunity for Khmer elders and Khmer youths to start to understand what is LGTBQ+ and the struggles through this whole gallery. We hope that after the exhibition, We could see some changes and differences. It’s very needed to balance the support of LGTBQ+ people to be equal to typical people, in order to define peace and humanity. My team planned to exhibit this visual gallery in 2020 before the last month. Although, due to the outbreak (COVID-19) reported from Wuhan, China; the government immediately demanded all the academies to pause and some companies have shut down. That! We couldn’t accomplish our task. Even though we are in quarantine, we still connected through zoom to continue our project, so that the assigned tasks can be completed on time. Also, to ensure that we can establish a wonderful gallery. 

After all, I have come to the conclusion. By went through the adolescence project and many past experiences, made me realize that I’m no different from anyone in the world. Not different from anyone who wants others to treat them equally and respectfully. Besides, because of this project lesson about LGTBQ+, I’m able to define my true self with the purity that led me to be a part of the LGTBQIA+ universe as “Bisexual.” To put it in perspective, the adolescence project was a helpful contribution to the world and specifically Cambodia by helping to expand the awareness related to the community through the power art. This project has trained me to be a real change agent. That’s why I have got up to face reality and be mentally and physically strong to overcome those obstacles. On the other hand, I highly expect the people who have been affected by this project as well as affected by this article to continue to express love and care. Call LGTBQIA+ by their names is one of the considerable ways to show your LOVE and RESPECT.

How Can I Change Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the countries among others, whose share the border between neighboring countries but in terms of the land, Cambodia owns the ocean along to the west region of the country: Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville, and Koh Kong. To illustrate that, this attractive beach catches the tourists’ attention to visit every year, therefore, Cambodian workers can earn more income by running restaurants, hotels, fishing, and etc. On the other hand, oceans playing a significant role in the economic industry, transport the import products and export products throughout the country. Besides that, recently, research estimates that Khmer’s ocean has 545 species presented. These fascinating creatures are to preserve but several study researchers aren’t yet discovering and begin to dig out to the depth of the ocean’s exploration, however, Marine Conservation Cambodia steps out to protect and help to prevent threats due to the illegal activities that appear in Koh Seh tropical island. 

The mysterious diversity, aliens organisms live and depend down there such as vertebrates species, invertebrates species, bioluminescence, and more. Furthermore, coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests provide tremendous habitats and feed the tiny fishes to survive and defend themselves from the larger fishes. For instance, oxygen produced by trees, for us as individuals to breathe, according to National Geographic explained that one-third(28%) of the oxygen produced from forests, while the other two-thirds(70%) came from the sea plants(phytoplankton, algae, and seagrasses), and the 2% left from other resources. Overall, Ocean’s a magnificent life element because it assists us by offering oxygen, food, and job but have you ever considered the threat due to the ocean. Take a while and restore and imagine, how could you help the ocean become a marvelous place?

Presently illegal fishing, trash, and water pollution are being a concern for Cambodia’s ocean. Take the case of illegal fishing, “Trawling” is a common method to fish, the enormous net/electric net design to catch everything on the bottom of the seafloor but for the main trawlers’ fishing target are just fishes, shrimps, crabs, and octopuses, but why is that net gathers everything? Imagine, these gorgeous creatures have gone, the food web will collapse soon there aren’t longer those species would exist again. Fishermen get advantage from the sea every day but the impact is way essential. In order to decrease the amount of trawling is an arduous process, why? more percentage of fishermen that won’t continue with the traditional method, since the fishing style was updated. In a developing country like Cambodia, the market systems are still figuring out, hope to look for a better quality system with a high price for all the products, to make fishermen go back with a traditional method.  The traditional method isn’t as effective net as trawling net. Also, Cambodia should at least have a marine authority station in each of the main islands to look after the unlaw trawler do the illegal fishing, to do that the salary for policies should be increased, otherwise, they’ll be involved in these illegal activities, instead of fighting for the right one, police, and fisherman both should work together to make it happen. 

Besides that, Trashes’s another effective threat as well, from Phnom Penh Post said that around 10 million plastic bags are used in Phnom Penh city every day. Plus 90 percent of plastic bags in the world end up in the ocean, Cambodia’s also involved. As you know that plastic doesn’t biodegradable easily, it can stay up to hundreds and thousands of years. By the time it broke down, it’ll transform into microparticles called microplastics, the chemical substance leak especially into soil and sea. This chemical is so harmful to animals, humans, and environments. In addition to this threat, Trash bins should already stay in their position where the people can put all the trashes instead of throwing them down. Trash bins are an excellent choice but better to decrease the number of plastics by using fabric bags, reusable bags, biodegradable bags, and paper bags instead. The major supermarkets in Phnom Penh such as Aeon Mall, Lucky supermarket begin with a new plan by charging 400៛ ($0.10) per plastic bag, such a great plan for all the supermarkets in Cambodia or in any foundations. To evaluate is easy but the actual action needs more concentration, Nowadays, NGOs and Academies have helped to spread the lessons to the students and citizens about the impacts and benefits of plastic in our country. Hobbies can be changed if you try so from everyone’s help, the government is also easy to work and communicate with. Our society is ours and it always still ours so please clean to help our kingdom wonderful.    

 “Coastal Developments” known as a huge threat to the ocean too, Coastal Development refers to the constructions and factories on the coastal line. As a consequence, Water pollution ends up in the sea by these entertainment places after their activity according to Moreover, water pollution(wastewater) divided into four huge categories: Industrial, domestic, agricultural and urban. By the time it reaches the sea, the ocean will be polluted by these four wastewaters. As soon as it enters in, marine diversities are a victim rather than get advantage from this wastewater. All the species can’t survive in this dirt water because of the mixture chemical. Different kinds of species will soon die and suffer from drinking or breathing in this wastewater as well as air pollution that makes the human struggle to breathe. On the other hand, the owner of the building next to the seashore should know of this huge issue. This issue wouldn’t solve without every single international and national company owner and more importantly, is the government, this problem needs government helps and the owners of the constructions need to work together with the government to find the solution to input these wastewaters to another place. Wastewater can benefit you if you separate them which one of these wastewaters can continue to use such as, water the farm, clean material, and more. That way, you don’t submit to wastewater pollution in the world. 

In conclusion, the ocean helps humans, therefore, it should deserve the benefit back. The crisis still remains and still increase from day to another. Like Trawling, Trash, and pollution are an unresolved issue, all the issue won’t disappear but it cuts off from little to little. For instance, the helpers can only help but never see a true person who actually made a mistake, rarely step out to processing, helping, and responsible. The solutions above are just my visionary ideas for you to identify and understand to start to love our ocean. For me, I’m just an ordinary boy who just has this critical idea but a person with that knowledge in their conscience will never make the disaster to life.  Your decisions can impact the world around you, so think critically before you take any step.

How Can I Change Cambodia?

People thought that a small problem is simple, but if you don’t care about it, that simple problem will affect you the next day. You hear the sound, feel, and what it tastes of that problems, but you never curious about it but if you take look at this country, there are tons and tons of issues but at least there will be one problem that is really pop out to the society, which is “ beggars ”. On the other hand, There are plenty of kids creating small businesses sell or beg and that is helpful because they are trying to help their family incomes, however, tourists or Khmer citizens should not  give or buy something from them otherwise it might affect society by decreasing education rates, increase the poverty rates, and stunning tourist economy growth in Cambodia.

Education plays an important role in the world right now because the world wants to have smart people to help their country reach to the top with development and fast service but Cambodia is processing to success this goal. A quote from Nicky Sullivan, born in England, a freelancing writer working in Cambodia since 2010 as a writer for Phnom Penh post in English, Travelfish, AsiaLIFE Magazine, the Southeast Asia Globe, South China morning post, and etc, she also used to be a researcher. She said that “Worse yet, working on the streets not only impairs their education, but it also exposes these children to predators: traffickers, drug dealers, and child sex tourists (Sullivan 1)”.  In fact, it’s so gloomy to say no to street child beggar when they are begging but if you want to help them don’t give money or buy flower or jewelry from them even though they are in need and poor, the best solution is to contact their parents, school or Non Government Organization that can assist them. One Non-Government Organization, you should contact to is Concert Cambodia located in Siem Reap that provides education, good health care, life care, and nutritious foods to make their life exceptional.

One day the school won’t be any more students if all of them are missing out from school to get other jobs rather than study. Just take a look at this quoted figure below,   

“The dropout rate in Grade 1 was only 8 percent between 2013 and 2014. However, by Grade 9, dropouts grew to 18.8 percent and skyrocketed to 59 percent by Grade 12. The upper secondary school completion rates are now around 19 percent.” (Education Statistics and Indicators for Siem Reap Province, 30/January/2015). Big amounts of the children were dropping out of school, just imagine in the next few years the drop out of school rates will increase. Cambodia will develop so our country is stepping out from the lack of education to a high education like reputable countries. If they don’t go to the academy, and they thought that the first priority needs in their consciousness are money consequently their future will become shadowy and it isn’t just themselves but it disturbs the country education growth too. One person can influence another person to repeat after them so expeditiously.

For example, one girl has a smartphone so if another kid sees her then they might think and want to play as her too because that is a young brain works. Is it impossible for you to hear that? but the reality is exactly like that. When they sell or beg from the guests that came to visit the temple around Cambodia and earn much and much money from that little business  then that won’t encourage them to go to school anymore because one day they earn that much money so if they go to school then they might lose that much money just for one day go to school. If the percentages of the kids that dropout from school increase so, what Cambodia might be on Education system in other words government should try first before this issue is growing even larger than now, let stop the beggars in Cambodia whether children or adults from a little to a big amount. In order to help our country bright and successful, “ If  the children stop going to beg and sell the stuff but let their parents or adults sell the stuff so the incomes should be better because there aren’t any more kids to fire up and mess the tourists for money and sell something” (Inga, Visit Angkor Wat, January/27/2017), on the other hand, they can go to school to gain more knowledges rather than begging.

If Cambodia can succeed to stop beggars so this country will be more smother to live and work for both Khmer people and other nationalities but the problem still remains nowadays which is “tourist economy growth”. There are many Tourists that came here in Cambodia, because of their job and another is visiting some interesting discovery places in Cambodia such as historical and geographical to know more about this kingdom. On the summer break, most foreigners will start their journey to other countries to see some cool structures in the world or natural occurs to relax from stress and job.

For instance: when foreigners are walking, enjoy a guide that telling them the story of Angkor Wat location then a child go to them and ask for money, that is disrespectful, not a good habit, not morality and the guests might look down on that child and often they don’t just mention only that kid but they will say “All Cambodian children are beggars and none of them are educated children” to show that they came here to explore not to provide the children beggars money for their own self-profit. Sometimes, the tourist doesn’t really like the beggar’s reactions because most of them “ when tourists don’t buy their items or give them money soon they might become rude and they still ask tourists over again” (Cambodia – Children begging you to buy something, youtube video). When the tourists knew that Cambodia has a lot of beggars,  they understand that this country is poor at education because of the beggar that came to annoy them: while they are eating, guiding, and even walking enjoy a beautiful view.

Money can make that kid loses consciousness or lose control because they just hunt for money like carnivores animals furthermore they don’t care about their attitude or other talks about them. The beggar came from anywhere around  Cambodia to a famous place to find job or begging and usually kid begging in Siem Reap province because there are full of guests, both national and international going around to visit some incredible features in Siem Reap. This province and whole country don’t just attract the tourists also it attracts the beggars too but if there are beggars more than tourist then it will repel the tourist.

Imagine, this country is lack of education and low tourists economy, as a result, is poor but his country is also known as the best country during the Khmer Empire, to illustrate Cambodia is so strong during that period. If the period is continuing and while you are breathing don’t go and ask somebody for money because that money they have in their hand came from their effort from work and job. Although all of the children beggars want to have any single item like a rich or typical family had, they seem jealous at rich children so they must go to study and push themselves harder then, just begging and create a small business to find money and hope that, it will help them but opposite  is no, it won’t help anything. Beggars think that people will give them money but SUCCESS website said that“ Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you ”. This quote is telling that, Trying to help your own-self better than to depend on other unknown people to help you.

Let take this story, as an illustration, In a  family, there are two uneducated parents with three young children. After taking care of their children for a few years, a father is going to work in the factories Phnom Penh and a mother is emigrating to another country for job but before this couple leaving to job, they told their parents that, if their children aren’t able to study so they can go to do some work to help family income is way greater but Finally these three children lose an opportunity that they had. Take the case of Robert Brault quote  “ One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast ”. So it means that try to find a solution that can solve the problem without just get rid out of it and if you always behind other, now you should always start before them because you are moving slower than other. Want to success use Robert Brault quote, if Beggar or Cambodian can follow this quote then they probably step out of poverty.

Overall,  I think that you might deserve to my message figure above and last but not least  I inspire you to take your hand off the beggars anytime you see them, also I hope that there will be a lot of students go to school, and I think in the future Cambodia will attract outside country worker came to work in Cambodia because it changed and become a bright world that everyone knows. If no beggar in Kampuchea, the Country will increase education rates, decrease the poverty rate and increase the tourist economy in the Kingdom of wonder.