Technology this round catch my attention to study and give me a lot of possibilities to practice for myself and others. Solo Touch is one of the techniques to become a better learner. An hour to hour, my focus was always to keep it in. During class, I chose to learn ADOBE SOFTWARE because I’m really interested in it. In the future, I need it for my job since I want to become a professional designer. I discover and learn this lesson from internet, then I practice on my own and if I have questions, I’ll ask my delightful friends and teachers around me to figure out but most of the time is myself. This project is so wondrous, you can produce whatever you want to see the possible outlook, there are a ton of functions that you can use to design for your projects. All the buttons and all of the functions are so updated and organized ready for you to design. For my personal perspective, I understand that Technology is one of the life connection between humans and all of the electric devices. This smart object will continue to the future, I wish in the future, there will a lot of technology for the young generations to identify and investigate to make it even more unusual than now. I made three art pieces but this bottom one is the most beautiful.  

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