Math, this round has been a fantastic journey for me and for my classmates because we got to learn two or three textbooks at the time because our facilitators want us to be ready for our next level, which is a senior level.   I am so proud of own myself and others because they can catch up and following the teacher’s explanations, in a short way I can say that, they are really flexible to learn in this class. I think they did a really incredible job to be ready for themselves to start a day like this. I hope that they will find their future as they are now trying really hard. During class time, my teacher gave us a work to do but that one fact was that she always put us into the team to work together, I think the reason behind it is, she wants us to collaborate, explain to each other, help each other and etc. Down below is one of my lessons in class and if you are interested, Check it out!

Properties of Angle

                 Vertical Opposite Angle

Related image 
                 Complementary Angle 

Image result for complementary angle png
                 Supplementary Angle 
Image result for supplementary angle png
                    and 360° Angle
Pictures(Google Chrome)

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