I Am From

Areca Nut ( Wikimedia Commons ) 

I am from an iron razor,  pork, and lard. I am from the shadowy location with grime natural smell. I am from the areca nut yellowish. The areca nut whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from sharp ax and sewing machine, From left thumb and right thumb. I’m from whoop and often not whoop and from giant heavy scream to wow. I’m from Siddhārtha Gautama and pagoda and Dharma. I’m from both doctor and traditional healer.

I’m from agriculture area and update city quality, fast, and cure places and fried white corn with white rice, From broken bone, whose fell from a mango tree, breathing once, still faces on the wall and remain pictures in the folder. I’ll define a gravity case I remember you.

Date: 01/15/2019




In Khmer, my name means peace and lucky was given by my grandmother and what pushed her to put this name because I was born on Friday so she put it the same as the name of the day in Khmer and just add lucky after my first name which is Sok in Khmer. Sok means peace also it represents the day of Friday in Khmer and another one is the same as venus planet’s name in Khmer. On the other hand I notice that I was born on a marvelous month and that is on an international children day, so my name and the celebration is almost matched each other because it is free for all the kids in Cambodia on the day of June first, In this celebration day is peace and luck to all the kids but especially is me because that is my meaning name.

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I think my name is greater than all of my sister and brother even my parents because it is sound wired in English but in Khmer, it is so wonderful name and nothing can compare to it like a gift received from a god a thought of my grandmother. The name is always going with us everywhere we go so for me my name just like a wish to me when I do something like a test. You know what, I was so lucky that I got a scholarship to a Liger Leadership academy in Phnom Penh Located in Kingdom of wonder. Is that amazing? Isn’t it, is it because of my name or my knowledge to do the test. Both maybe!
One day the world is going to know my name!