It’s such a long time that I haven’t shared any thoughts and activities that I did in the English literacy class. Well, today, I will let you know what we have been doing for the past month and during the quarantine. This school term, I studied with a new facilitator, plus a new theme, which History.

I learned about the history of the Russian revolution. Learning history isn’t so conflict like I used to think about. Learning from one event in history to another can help us to visualize the whole story of what happened during that specific period. There are emotions and thoughts going into the discussion as well as while learning. Besides, we take the vocabulary quiz once a week, since there’s a lot of deep words. I actually learned a lot of new lessons like propaganda techniques, analyze the character’s personality, new vocab and etc.

After learning the root of the Russian revolution history, we continue to the Animal Farm book by George Orwell, which is the allegory of this revolution. Plenty of British old words that most of them, I can’t understand well. I like how the author used animal symbolism to tell political ideas and stories. READ and Share!!

Now, it comes to a final product for this study topic, meaning that everyone has to show their works and knowledge through a video since we are no longer at school due to the global pandemic. As I went through my friends’ videos, it was all fantastic, they shared thoughtful topics that I haven’t thought of. For me, I chose the children’s storybook, “The journey of wings,” for children to better understand of the animalism. That’s it!

Khmer Literacy

Khmer Literacy has been one of the most active and productive classes that I ever have taken over this year. All of the assignments are a very standard level of education, meaning that I have to really focus on my studying in class cautiously. Otherwise, I might miss the main point of the lessons. Writing. Reading. Speaking. Listening. 

MC. In Khmer culture is very essential that you are doing the correct greeting introduction to a different range of people in society. I sometimes struggle to use the right language to greet the monk or minster. The language here at Cambodia is quite complicated since, we need to use it properly (Monk language, King language). I presented my work in front of my teacher as well as my classmates. To stand up and face everyone, while their eyes on me were making me so nervous and so uncomfortable since I never experience it, plus, it’s MY FIRST TIME!! 

Public Speaking. To master communication and persuasive skill, we need to practice a lot of public speaking. There is a lot going into this one topic such as always be confident, energetic, good interaction, great body language, and eye contact. Stood up in class and talked alone while the camera was filming me, that situation was very strange and wired and that’s all I can describe. To be honest, I am not good at this but I have tried my best to show that I can still do it. I have to research on my topic and started to narrate it down before it comes to stage time. You have to collect all of your nervous, uncomfortable, wired, strange emotions then, stack them into one corner after then, step out from that corner and just let yourself experience a new opportunity.  

Novel. Reading time!!!! Yeh- WAIT WAIT!! You Know what? I’m not into book that much but I’m good at encouraging others to do certain acts. So, make sure you spend some time reading the book or articles, just to be in the book world for minutes. You can feel the peace and calm, relax. ME TOO!! I will read. Don’t you worry! I read a book called ថៅកែចិត្តចោរ (Tov ke Chet Joa). We shared our ideas and questions to make us all understand clearly about this book. 

Essay-តែងសេចក្ដី (T’eng sake kdey). The structure of the Khmer essays are so conflicted and we have to follow all of the guiding rules in order to get a full point on each of the part. Most of the time, I don’t remember all of the structures but at least I am doing fine in my class.


A phase where impossibility does not exist!                                                        Purpose of Adolescence project is to create an art gallery with the audio tour narrates the narrative of a teenage boy, specifically the discovery of his own gender. In addition, this project is trying to change the traditional myths and society discrimination toward the LGTBQ+ community. We truthy believe that using the magic of ART will bridge us to succeed in the project.

The fascinating fact of our project is, we always begin the class with affirmation, it’s one of the strategies to provoke our energy and our brain ready to dive into work. Besides, to work in this project specifically, Ingenuity is needed, therefore we always watch the other artists’ artistic artworks for our inspiration of the day. Including some break for us to relax from our works. Assignment!!!!! Yeahhhhh!! We got to present our artworks in front of everyone in the class and detailing the stories hidden behind the masterpiece. I just love the organization of this project. It seems to be so busy but it turns out so much better. I’m amazed to see everyone contributes their hard work and precious time to this project. Thanks!

In order to accomplish the goal, we need a ton of hours, and plus a lot of members to contribute to the team so that we can complete the tasks on time. So the leader (Venghour) of the project has divided the team into five departments, 1. Studio art, 2. Performance art, 3. Sculpture, 4. Marketing, and 5. Media. Before that, we started off with reading the narrative, so that we can work to transform those stories into different artworks regard to different departments.

In this project, it isn’t a matter if you are not a professional artist, as long as you have the commitment, love, passion, and enthusiasm. Me, I’m not into the dance with a lot of difficult and professional movements, and also different kind of techniques but I still continue it. Even though sometimes, I complain that it’s hard and I can’t do it but a side of me, I’m a person who loves to dance. On the other hand, we already released our first dance to a huge group of students in our academy during the sharation event. Hahaha! I didn’t dance the same as the choreography for two times, but life is still keeping forward so make sure, you try to risk something before it’s late. Most of the time, we didn’t go along smoothly. Sometimes it was rough, dark, and other times, it was light but you know what, we gotta keep on moving with positivity. SMILE and HEAD UP!! 

Khmer Children’s Literature Project

Khmer Children’s literature project was mainly to publish six children books based on six Liger Leadership academy core values, which contained, Stewardship, Integrity, Optimism, appreciation, determination, and ingenuity. These six storybooks aim to help Khmer kids access to Cambodian storybooks with such brave messages to push kids to develop themselves as a great human being in the future and an intelligent learner.

First week, we began to read other storybooks to get inspiration and had some ideas in order to map out what our stories were. On the other hand, Graphic was another main element of the storybooks to attract their attention to grab these books to read and get inspired. It also helps to boost their education and intellect. After, collected those needed elements which were, correct contents, wonderful graphics, so now what?  “Indesignnnnnnn,” This platform allowed me to design my own pages and export as a digital book. Came to a lasttttt process which sharing book and found the sponsors to help us publish these six cartoonish books to the world.

To share our books, my team and I went to Kampot province to participate in the “Kampot Reader and Writer festival”. The event attended a few people, there weren’t many kids but still kept our positive attitude. As problem solvers, we quickly took an opportunity to find kids nearby who were fascinated by our books. After we came back, some of my friends and I found a kindergarten quite far from an event location so we decided to go as our last hour without hesitation. I really enjoy the moment with them. I shared my story and my graphics to them with enthusiasm. After this trip, I got a lot of good suggestions and comments as well as compliments. Overall, I hope these six books can impact Khmer kids and build a bridge that leads to a brighter education. (MY BOOK-TIN AND THE GHOST ON THE SIDEWALK)

Website-First Experience

Learning to develop the webpage of the website by using a different kind of techniques, codes, and styles are really complex in order to create an attractive website. The first experience was very contended to overcome those difficulties, but after learning for a while, I understood that “HTML and CSS” were much easier than “Python”. Plus, all the tags are understandable and uncomplicated. After one chapter to another, I am able to use tags to form my own codes. In class, I always remind myself, what is the subsequent, so then I can prepare myself to continue. After learning HTML and CSS, Max my teacher introduced everyone in the class to a new code system to use; It’s much easier to use which is “Bootstrap”. The first touch, I thought it was very struggling and hard. After studying and getting to understand it even more; I discovered that those setup codes were more helpful than those two codes above. The goal of the class was to create one website for each student, so am I? Check my web here. About me.


This New school year, the Refugee topic was the first topic that I studied and discussed During this project, I learned different stories in history. Mostly, it was about the Vietnam war and Inside-out and Back-again novel. In class, everyone shared their information and did teamwork to figure out some of the important events that were happening in the stories or poems. Learning to write and structure a poem, try to perceive meaning from poetry, It’s very challenging for me to define an actual meaning and the right perspective of the author. After 7 weeks of learning the Refugee topic, I felt really connected to those refugees who were struggling to find resettlement and other resources for their survival. Last Chance (Poem, Read)   


          Vikki Vansickle                                                   Pamela Walton