Engineering has spread throughout the world, a goal to help human’s life easier with the electrical machines or naturally discovered machines. This round and the previous round, my facilitators has shown me a benefit of using the simple machines, also not just that, I discovered, how the machines are worked as well. A simple machine is a device by its self to lift material up or down and push backward or forward in the atmosphere by using less energy. Simple machines such as the lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel and axle have helped the world every single precious day. The enormous machine is the combination of the simple machine together, as an instance, lever and wedge form an ax, this called compound machine. 

              In my STEM class, we discussed and present our research on this simple machine topic. In each team, we presented a different kind of the simple machine and the working process of a simple machine that facilitator has given. For my team, the lever has chosen for us, the research found out that, a lever is “ a simple machine the combination of a long beam or rod that is fixed to a pivot point which is fulcrum onto which a load is attached and an effort force is applied”. This obstacle topic has never shown until we understand this topic transparency. As an example, a fishing rod is a compound machine. Isn’t it impossible or Why? That is Engineering!! 

                For Engineering project with another facilitator, We studied about a toy that connects to the simple machines and we brought them to live as we discover it on our own. To bring this Engineering subject to a government school to study and experience of doing experimental activities with us is the main target for our project. Finally, we achieve it, we shared our knowledge to three schools in Phnom Penh city and it got out really fascinating to them as a result. At the same time, we built a toy but we still tough them some lesson related to the toy that they were building. 

                This Final school year, STEM still my incredible subject for me to study and try hard to become a better improver who always listen and concentrate to a teachable teacher, who was explaining to all the time in a class. Hope that I’ll be better understanding STEM and comfortable to discuss or explaining to classmates. 

Full Article about Simple Machine, Continue reading…?


        Conflict subject is always a useful language in a conflict circumstance in life. One round to another round, math increase speed so much, from easy to extremely difficult level, and that is how math is working in my math group. I’m an unfortunate person who still keeps continuing to another next level as I can without another contradictory opinion about math. This round, math facilitator taught us about prealgebra chapter but I’m already prep myself to go far in the depth of algebra world. In class, I felt confident and sure about what my teacher has taught me to discuss with another person or even explaining my friends when they need help.                                             

In group work, I   always shared my knowledge with them and work as a  team very well with fantastic collaboration. On the other hands, challenge always shown up for me but I never give up on math, since I really fascinated and how cool it is? Even though is struggle process, I still crawl to catch that opportunity for myself and show my teacher that I can do it!! The following year is a serious year ever to accomplish because I’ll be a senior next year, I hope to become a knowledgable math learner. 


                   Technology this round catch my attention to study and give me a lot of possibilities to practice for myself and others. Solo Touch is one of the techniques to become a better learner. An hour to hour, my focus was always to keep it in. During class, I chose to learn ADOBE SOFTWARE because I’m really interested in it. In the future, I need it for my job since I want to become a professional designer. I discover and learn this lesson from internet, then I practice on my own and if I have questions, I’ll ask my delightful friends and teachers around me to figure out but most of the time is myself. This project is so wondrous, you can produce whatever you want to see the possible outlook, there are a ton of functions that you can use to design for your projects. All the buttons and all of the functions are so updated and organized ready for you to design. For my personal perspective, I understand that Technology is one of the life connection between humans and all of the electric devices. This smart object will continue to the future, I wish in the future, there will a lot of technology for the young generations to identify and investigate to make it even more unusual than now. I made three art pieces but this bottom one is the most beautiful.  


Math, this round has been a fantastic journey for me and for my classmates because we got to learn two or three textbooks at the time because our facilitators want us to be ready for our next level, which is a senior level.   I am so proud of own myself and others because they can catch up and following the teacher’s explanations, in a short way I can say that, they are really flexible to learn in this class. I think they did a really incredible job to be ready for themselves to start a day like this. I hope that they will find their future as they are now trying really hard. During class time, my teacher gave us a work to do but that one fact was that she always put us into the team to work together, I think the reason behind it is, she wants us to collaborate, explain to each other, help each other and etc. Down below is one of my lessons in class and if you are interested, Check it out!

Properties of Angle

                 Vertical Opposite Angle

Related image 
                 Complementary Angle 

Image result for complementary angle png
                 Supplementary Angle 
Image result for supplementary angle png
                    and 360° Angle
Pictures(Google Chrome)


Round 4 has been magnificent round for me because STEM is in a role. I felt very amazing and I can’t believe that it’s just gone very soon like this, but that it’s okay to learn a new lesson of life but at the same time I do learn everything in Liger leadership Academy about education. STEM class this round, we learned about Motion, but before I get into it, let me explain to you what is motion. According to CK12 article said that “Motion can also be defined simply, as a change in position.” There are 4 four types of motion: Vector, motion, a frame of reference, and distance. If you want to continue reading about Motion, Please check the link down below. During class time, my teacher did the experiment, reading, discussing, and presenting, so then we are all can understand the big picture and the idea of the topic easily. Overall I really enjoy learning STEM but I want more entertainment as we learn along so it doesn’t make it bored. 


English Literacy

How to Twist

  • Materials
  • 1 Yoga Mat
  • A pair of sports clothes (Optional)
  •  If you want to become a professional contortionist, here is the right choice for you. As you’re following along, we will learn step by step (figure below) how to do the twist in Gymnastic. After this activity, you will become an extraordinary contortionist. Please thumbs up if you love it.
  • First, you need to stretch out before you get started so your body’s muscles will be ready for workout activity today. (4-5 minutes)
    Make sure that you stay on a yoga mat so it will protect you from tripping and fall.
  • Next, stand up and lean down to your knees with your both hands down to touch your both foot, so now, your right hand should touch the right foot and your left hand you touch the left foot. (Reminder: your both legs should be open when your both hands touch your foot).
  • After then, your hands need to switch from right side to left side but keep the position the same. (Reminder: your both legs should be open when your both hands touch your foot with the opposite side).
  • finally, make your body curve and put your head under a left hand and look to a front view of your face on the right leg side. (Remainder: If you can’t do it, practice more, again and again until you get it)

Congratulation, You just did it. I hope you enjoy this activity today and don’t forget to practice every day to improve your gymnastic skill. Practice from little to little until you achieve it. Thanks! for your determination for this activity. Bye!



When you hear the word “CODING”, some student might feel interesting but some people might feel wondering as well. This round, we learned about python again. In class, my teacher gave us a presentation and explanation to all my classmates in class. Everyone smile, everyone is excited, everyone gives ideas, everyone questioning and answering, everyone’s working. For me, Programming is one of the most challenging subjects out of all my learning subjects. Truly, each person has a different favorite or the origin of a good subject that they born with. One round to one round is very quite fast. The way that I keep myself in position in learning in this class was put my soul in my body and give 100% focus. Code, you are my reflection, how I look forward to seeing you, sometimes when I’m coding in my PC, I felt like I’m talking to another imagination person next to me. When I’m struggling with my code and I’m very struck, I need someone to help me but before walk straight to them, I need to ask myself first beforehand my question to them. “What do I think”, this question often remained in my mind but most of the time when I stuck with it, I really need someone to explain to figure out so then I can see the big picture. Window glass, door’s class open, I see a large picture of coding but Can I reach it, I don’t know yet! My goal this round is to learn more about CODING but at the same time, I also learn, how to figure out the way to learn this subject easier and quicker. Everyone looks so serious, energetic, and hard working. They are an inspiring person. Some people can explain this much information and that people can help that much information, they are a helpful friend. Take a case on my coding, During I code my assignment, usually it is tricky but my best teacher is always nearby is my delight friends, Friends mean a lot to me. Thank you to all of the friends that explained and help me throughout the period of time that I asked you. Start from today, I promise that, I’ll push myself to learn as others do. On other hands, my facilitator brought a new internet teaching project, which is, “Code Club” is one of the helpful internet projects that you can practice and study along. In each page of the instruction in Code Club, there is enough information that can lead you to understand what is the point that it’s trying to teach you to understand. The practice is one way to help yourself too. In Code Club this round, I learned something new, which is the “Color Code”, you can put the color code of it owns and also you can take color codes from the website as well so you can choose what color you want to be. By the time you understand the code, the code will help you in the future if you want to be a coder and also it can use in many ways in lives as well.



កឋិនទាន មាន​ន័យថា សំពត់ ស្បង់ចីពរ ដែលយកទៅប្រគេនភិក្ខុសង្ឃ ។ កឋិនកាល គឺជាបណ្យមួយដែលមានតែក្នុង សាសនា​ព្រះពុទ្ធ តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ និងជាទានមានមកតាមផ្លូវព្រះវិន័យ ហើយក៏ជាកាលដ៏ពិសេសមួយមានកំណត់ពានច្បាស់លាស់។ កឋិនកាល ចាប់ពីថ្ងៃ ១រោច ខែ អស្សុជ ដល់ថ្ងៃទី ១៥​ កើត ខែ កត្កិក (១ខែគត់) ។ ចាប់តាំងពីក្រោយ ថ្ងៃបុណ្យចេញព្រះវស្សាមកប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ បានរួបរួម គ្នាជាមួយ បងប្អូន ញាតិមិត្តជិតឆ្ងាយ ធ្វើបុណ្យហែរកឋិនទៅរត្តអារាមនានា ។ កឋិនទាន គឺជាការបូជានូវ សំពត់ចីពរដែលជា គ្រឿងស្លៀកដណ្ដប់ប្រគេនចំពោះភិក្ខុ ។ ទានវត្ថុដ៏សំខាន់ដែលជាអង្គនៃកឋិនទានគឺត្រៃចីពរ រួមមានស្បង់ចីពរនិងសង្ឃាដី ។ ក្នុងចំណោម វត្ថុទាំងបីយ៉ាងនេះ ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ អ្នកម្ចាស់ទានអាចជ្រើសរើសយកមួយណាក៏បាន ហើយ វេរប្រគេនដល់ភិក្ខុសង្ឃជាការស្រេច ក៏កើតជាអង្គកឋិនទានបាន ។


សង្ឃាដី (ន) សំពត់ឃ្នាប | ភិក្ខុ (ន) អ្នកបួសជាបុរស | ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ (ន)​ ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ ត្រៃចីពរ (ន) សំពត់ ស្បងចីពរ | ព្រះត្រៃបិដក (ន) ប្រែជាកញ្រែ្ជង ឬល្អី៣ សម្រាប់ផ្ទុកពាក្យពេចន៍របស់ ព្រះសម្មាសម្ពុទ្ធ គឺ ១ ព្រះវិន័យឬហៅថា វិន័យបិដក / ២​ ព្រះសូត្រ ឬហៅថា សុត្តន្តបិដក / ៣ ព្រះអភិធម្ម ឬហៅថា អភិធម្មបិដក


Coding is a way to communicate from human languages to technology. The way to understand code is very complicated like a spider web. In Multimedia class, I learned about python, python is one of a language in coding. Coding isn’t connecting to me in any systems, I just can’t get it and also I don’t really love coding, when I learn Multimedia class, I felt like I am in a locations where there are a lot of vampires or monsters because I took much time than the other people to figure out the code problem that my teacher ask me to solve. In fact, this class is very new to me, I never ever get a chance to learn this subject in my whole life and nowadays I got to learn but I just don’t know why, my brain just can’t keep all the explanations in my memory and when my teacher explain me, all of that information gets into my right ear but it gets out quickly through my left ear back to her.   Coding…….?

Google Chrome 

Story Structure-English Literacy

The story was divided into two states, they are fiction and nonfiction. Fiction is literature from the imagination of an author that is an untruth story but nonfiction is a contrast from fiction, nonfiction is literature that is a fact. The picture shows that there are 5 main states in one story. Exposition is the beginning of a story that tells about characters, settings and conflicts that may occur during a story and it also called hook because it is the first story that catches the attention of the readers or viewers. Next, rising action is a middle part of a story in which the problems are rising and that where the characters are shown in a story. After that, climax, it is on a top of a plot, it is known as a turning point in a story is where the main characters face a problem and solve, then, falling action, the state where the problem is resolved and lead the story to end and the story that to wrapping up and finally, resolution is where the problem is solved and come to the end of a story. In a story either Movie or book, they are both have the same story structure (figure above). If you’re interested to know more about the story, by the time you are watching or reading you can check it out of a tone (voice, positive, neutral or negative), mood ( feeling), Motif (image or design that creating one pattern and repeat), foreshadowing (author gives the readers or viewers the hints of what is the next scene), suspense (a state of feeling, scared or excited of what may happen), poetic justice (relate to the characters in story when a bad character in a story get reward but a bad character get punishment), conflict (problem) and theme (category of a story, whether it is emotional to horror). After I learned in class, my facilitator hands me a book Name Looking for Alaska. One week to another, we have to complete the role of this book. There are five roles in total: summarizer, inference, symbolizer, word detective, and visualizer base on this book.


Google Search