A phase where impossibility does not exist!                                                        Purpose of Adolescence project is to create an art gallery with the audio tour narrates the narrative of a teenage boy, specifically the discovery of his own gender. In addition, this project is trying to change the traditional myths and society discrimination toward the LGTBQ+ community. We truthy believe that using the magic of ART will bridge us to succeed in the project.

The fascinating fact of our project is, we always begin the class with affirmation, it’s one of the strategies to provoke our energy and our brain ready to dive into work. Besides, to work in this project specifically, Ingenuity is needed, therefore we always watch the other artists’ artistic artworks for our inspiration of the day. Including some break for us to relax from our works. Assignment!!!!! Yeahhhhh!! We got to present our artworks in front of everyone in the class and detailing the stories hidden behind the masterpiece. I just love the organization of this project. It seems to be so busy but it turns out so much better. I’m amazed to see everyone contributes their hard work and precious time to this project. Thanks!

In order to accomplish the goal, we need a ton of hours, and plus a lot of members to contribute to the team so that we can complete the tasks on time. So the leader (Venghour) of the project has divided the team into five departments, 1. Studio art, 2. Performance art, 3. Sculpture, 4. Marketing, and 5. Media. Before that, we started off with reading the narrative, so that we can work to transform those stories into different artworks regard to different departments.

In this project, it isn’t a matter if you are not a professional artist, as long as you have the commitment, love, passion, and enthusiasm. Me, I’m not into the dance with a lot of difficult and professional movements, and also different kind of techniques but I still continue it. Even though sometimes, I complain that it’s hard and I can’t do it but a side of me, I’m a person who loves to dance. On the other hand, we already released our first dance to a huge group of students in our academy during the sharation event. Hahaha! I didn’t dance the same as the choreography for two times, but life is still keeping forward so make sure, you try to risk something before it’s late. Most of the time, we didn’t go along smoothly. Sometimes it was rough, dark, and other times, it was light but you know what, we gotta keep on moving with positivity. SMILE and HEAD UP!! 

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