Round 4 has been magnificent round for me because STEM is in a role. I felt very amazing and I can’t believe that it’s just gone very soon like this, but that it’s okay to learn a new lesson of life but at the same time I do learn everything in Liger leadership Academy about education. STEM class this round, we learned about Motion, but before I get into it, let me explain to you what is motion. According to CK12 article said that “Motion can also be defined simply, as a change in position.” There are 4 four types of motion: Vector, motion, a frame of reference, and distance. If you want to continue reading about Motion, Please check the link down below. During class time, my teacher did the experiment, reading, discussing, and presenting, so then we are all can understand the big picture and the idea of the topic easily. Overall I really enjoy learning STEM but I want more entertainment as we learn along so it doesn’t make it bored. 


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