Engineering has spread throughout the world, a goal to help human’s life easier with the electrical machines or naturally discovered machines. This round and the previous round, my facilitators has shown me a benefit of using the simple machines, also not just that, I discovered, how the machines are worked as well. A simple machine is a device by its self to lift material up or down and push backward or forward in the atmosphere by using less energy. Simple machines such as the lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel and axle have helped the world every single precious day. The enormous machine is the combination of the simple machine together, as an instance, lever and wedge form an ax, this called compound machine. 

              In my STEM class, we discussed and present our research on this simple machine topic. In each team, we presented a different kind of the simple machine and the working process of a simple machine that facilitator has given. For my team, the lever has chosen for us, the research found out that, a lever is “ a simple machine the combination of a long beam or rod that is fixed to a pivot point which is fulcrum onto which a load is attached and an effort force is applied”. This obstacle topic has never shown until we understand this topic transparency. As an example, a fishing rod is a compound machine. Isn’t it impossible or Why? That is Engineering!! 

                For Engineering project with another facilitator, We studied about a toy that connects to the simple machines and we brought them to live as we discover it on our own. To bring this Engineering subject to a government school to study and experience of doing experimental activities with us is the main target for our project. Finally, we achieve it, we shared our knowledge to three schools in Phnom Penh city and it got out really fascinating to them as a result. At the same time, we built a toy but we still tough them some lesson related to the toy that they were building. 

                This Final school year, STEM still my incredible subject for me to study and try hard to become a better improver who always listen and concentrate to a teachable teacher, who was explaining to all the time in a class. Hope that I’ll be better understanding STEM and comfortable to discuss or explaining to classmates. 

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Agriculture of Stieng Indigenous Community

Identity is the one who shows your origin, Without identity, it is very complicated to identity to know who you are? In the whole universe, the human has different genes to define themselves in uncommon style. A human being different from one to another. Both Minority faction and majority faction, the way that they work are truly contrast. Minority community on earth are very separate from each other. In Kampuchea, There are many types of indigenous group that still exist. One of an indigenous group is almost existing is “Stieng”.  This group is mostly depending on agriculture as the main job. On April-May, which is a rainy season in Kampuchea, so everybody is preparing to farm for the rest of the year. The crops that Stieng people farm are cassava, pepper, rubber and cashew nut.

Cashew nut 

They farm the cassava on red soil from April and pick the crop on December, the end of the year. One kilogram of cassava is 400៛. In the whole year, they got 5,000,000៛-6,000-000៛ from cassava after sold to China company. In other words, cashew nut is also playing in a role. One kilogram of cashew nut is 3000៛ that sell to the middle man so in the whole year they get 1,000,000៛-2,000,000៛. Stieng farmers use the natural soil to put into their farm. For rubber, they farm in a large area that not relevant to cassava or other plants. One year, they got 4 tons of rubber to sell into a middle man for 1600៛ per kilogram. And last, pepper, this type of plant need special soil like black soil or red soil, for the whole year, they got 1-3 tons of pepper and sell one kilogram for 40000៛. Finally, The job is very necessary for life so Stieng people hope to have a new job that can help to improve their lives smother beside farming.