Liger Wildness Project

This project, we have been working on the living organisms in Liger academy for a few months ago. we found a lot of species around our campus: butterfly, insects, grass, frog and etc in the other hand We have a sheet the collect all the data from all of the animals or plants that found to put in the sheet and keep it for another study that can help us. This is what a sheet that we put the data that we found from the internet and activities looks like.

                                             Common name: Small Indian Civet
                                             Scientific name: Viverricula indica

                                                                      Yanich, age 13

Distinct characteristics and habitat:
 –  Small nocturnal mammal with brownish yellow and gray fur
 –  Black spots all over its body, with distinct rows along its back
 –  Dark stripes run down its neck
 –  Dark brown legs
 –  Long tail with 7-9 black and white rings
 Pointed face with long nose and whiskers, small ears, black eyes, and sharp teeth
–  Often climbs trees, but live in holes in the ground
–  Found in forest, grassland, river, and sometimes city environments

Natural range and native status:
–  South and Southeast Asia
–  Native to Cambodia

 Prey and predation:
–  Omnivorous; eats small mammals, snakes, birds, fruits, plants, dead things, and people’s garbage
–  Eaten by dogs, large snakes, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, and humans

Cultural or medicinal uses:
–  Hunted for meat and skin, which is used in traditional medicines
–  Sometimes harvested to make “Kopi Luwak”, a coffee made from digested        cherry coffee beans and collected from the
    civet’s feces (expensive – can be $600/0.5 kg)

Comment from a student:
“The first time I saw this animal, I was shocked. Its physical appearance was so amazing. It had brownish-grey fur and lots of spots all over – I won’t ever forget this moment.”

In the class, we also did some sketching all the animals and plant that found too so down here are some pictures that our team drew them.

        Cockroach                    Helicon translate           

     Marine plum                   Paper flower

Mango longhorn beetle

Sea Hibiscus

Tokay gecko

Trip to Tamao Mountain

When I went to Tamao mountain, I felt like I was in a deep and deep forest that I never been to before, it was my first to go there, sitting on the bus and look at the Cambodia scenery views until arrived the zoo. I went to Tamao zoo, I saw a lot of animals because this mountain also includes Zoo and history mountain. My exploration members went to this mountain with my two lovely teachers to go with us. I got to go there because my teacher wants us to know more about the animals in Cambodia. There was a guide to told us direction and told the information there. How each animal gets their food to eat and what types of habitat that animals live and other questions. Overall, it was a long walk, and I was so surprised to see all of those animals. I hope that I will go back to see all of them again.

Down Here are the pictures from this Zoo!

My Exploration members.

Everyone were foucing on a guide who told us about the imformation of an elephant.

An elephant played with Soucheng while listening to a guide.

Vitou is looking at a monkey.

I was giving the Laura potatoes to a dear.

Disability Project

( People with Disability at PSE )

Along the road, there are a lot of students go to school to study. Some of the students are so smart. Everyone has their own subject that they like to learn the most. They have a lot of opportunities to study. Typical people can do everything they want. people with a disability should have the same opportunity as typically people do. There are different types of disability such as deaf, blind, on legs, no arms, autism, Intellectual, down syndrome, dyslexia and etc. All of those people should get the same education as typical people do. People were born to explore their own Life, they don’t know and get to prepare, what is going to happen in the future. If you never get disability then you never understand and know what it feels like? We know them from the outside but we don’t them from the inside. We can see, We can feel, We can smell, We can touch but we can’t taste. In a government school, I never see and learn about disability but after I go to Liger leadership Academy, I got to learn, understand, and see. I got to share my experience with other people in Liger sharation day. we should include people with disability. We should build a special school for this types of people because they are hard to understand like the typical people. they need time to understand, for example, if one typical student needs 15 minutes to understand so it means that student with  disability needs 30 minutes to understand. We should respect them and don’t bullying them otherwise they will do something different, some people angry of the typical people bullying them so they kill their own self because they think that they are different from other. I hope typical people and people with disability get the same opportunity to do something. We were born in one world, we should hold our hands together and change it.