Stop Beggars In Kampuchea

People thought that a small problem is simple but if you don’t care about it, that simple problem will hurt you in the next day as the earth orbit around. You hear the sound, feel and what it tastes of that problems but you never curious about it but if you take look at this country, there are tons and tons of issues but at least there will be one problem that is really pop out to the society, which is “ beggars ”. On the other hand, There are plenty of kids creating small businesses sell or beg and that is helpful because they are trying to help their family incomes, however, tourists or Khmer citizens should not  give or buy something from them otherwise it might affect society by decreasing education rates, increase the poverty rates, and stunning tourist economy growth in Cambodia.


Education plays an important role in the world right now because the world wants to have smart people to help their country reach to the top with development and fast service but Cambodia is processing to success this goal. A quote from Nicky Sullivan, born in England, a freelancing writer working in Cambodia since 2010 as a writer for Phnom Penh post in English, Travelfish, AsiaLIFE Magazine, the Southeast Asia Globe, South China morning post, and etc, she also used to be a researcher. She said that “Worse yet, working on the streets not only impairs their education, but it also exposes these children to predators: traffickers, drug dealers, and child sex tourists (Sullivan 1)”.  In fact, it’s so gloomy to say no to street child beggar when they are begging but if you want to help them don’t give money or buy flower or jewelry from them even though they are in need and poor, the best solution is to contact their parents, school or Non Government Organization that can assist them. One Non-Government Organization, you should contact to is Concert Cambodia located in Siem Reap that provides education, good health care, life care, and nutritious foods to make their life exceptional.


One day the school won’t be any more students if all of them are missing out from school to get other jobs rather than study. Just take a look at this quoted figure below,   

“The dropout rate in Grade 1 was only 8 percent between 2013 and 2014. However, by Grade 9, dropouts grew to 18.8 percent and skyrocketed to 59 percent by Grade 12. The upper secondary school completion rates are now around 19 percent.” (Education Statistics and Indicators for Siem Reap Province, 30/January/2015). Big amounts of the children were dropping out of school, just imagine in the next few years the drop out of school rates will increase. Cambodia will develop so our country is stepping out from the lack of education to a high education like reputable countries. If they don’t go to the academy, and they thought that the first priority needs in their consciousness are money consequently their future will become shadowy and it isn’t just themselves but it disturbs the country education growth too. One person can influence another person to repeat after them so expeditiously.

For example, one girl has a smartphone so if another kid sees her then they might think and want to play as her too because that is a young brain works. Is it impossible for you to hear that? but the reality is exactly like that. When they sell or beg from the guests that came to visit the temple around Cambodia and earn much and much money from that little business  then that won’t encourage them to go to school anymore because one day they earn that much money so if they go to school then they might lose that much money just for one day go to school. If the percentages of the kids that dropout from school increase so, what Cambodia might be on Education system in other words government should try first before this issue is growing even larger than now, let stop the beggars in Cambodia whether children or adults from a little to a big amount. In order to help our country bright and successful, “ If  the children stop going to beg and sell the stuff but let their parents or adults sell the stuff so the incomes should be better because there aren’t any more kids to fire up and mess the tourists for money and sell something” (Inga, Visit Angkor Wat, January/27/2017), on the other hand, they can go to school to gain more knowledges rather than begging.


If Cambodia can succeed to stop beggars so this country will be more smother to live and work for both Khmer people and other nationalities but the problem still remains nowadays which is “tourist economy growth”. There are many Tourists that came here in Cambodia, because of their job and another is visiting some interesting discovery places in Cambodia such as historical and geographical to know more about this kingdom. On the summer break, most foreigners will start their journey to other countries to see some cool structures in the world or natural occurs to relax from stress and job.


For instance: when a foreigners are walking, enjoy a guide that telling them the story of Angkor Wat location then a child go to them and ask for money, that is disrespectful, not good habit, not morality and the guests might look down to that child and often they don’t just mention only that kid but they will say “All Cambodian children are beggars and none of them are educated children” to show that they came here to explore not to provide the children beggars money for their own self-profit. Sometimes, the tourist doesn’t really like beggar’s reaction because most of them “ when tourists don’t buy their items or give them money soon they might become rude and they still ask tourists over again” (Cambodia – Children begging you to buy something, youtube video). When the tourists knew that Cambodia has a lot of beggars,  they understand that this country is poor at education because of the beggar that came to annoy them: while they are eating, guiding, and even walking enjoy a beautiful view.


Money can make that kid loses conscious or lose control because they just hunt for money like carnivores animals furthermore they don’t care about their attitude or other talks about them. The beggar came from anywhere around  Cambodia to a famous place to find job or begging and usually kid begging in Siem Reap province because there are full of guests, both national and international going around to visit some incredible features in Siem Reap. This province and whole country don’t just attract the tourists also it attracts the beggars too but if there are beggars more than tourist then it will repel the tourist.


Imagine, this country is lack of education and low tourists economy, as a result, is poor but his country is also known as the best country during the Khmer Empire, to illustrate Cambodia is so strong during that period. If the period is continuing and while you are breathing don’t go and ask somebody for money because that money they have in their hand came from their effort from work and job. Although all of the children beggars want to have any single item like a rich or typical family had, they seem jealous at rich children so they must go to study and push themselves harder then, just begging and create a small business to find money and hope that, it will help them but opposite  is no, it won’t help anything. Beggars think that people will give them money but SUCCESS website said that“ Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you ”. This quote is telling that, Trying to help your own-self better than to depend on other unknown people to help you.


Let take this story, as an illustration, In a  family, there are two uneducated parents with three young children. After taking care of their children for a few years, a father is going to work in the factories Phnom Penh and a mother is emigrating to another country for job but before this couple leaving to job, they told their parents that, if their children aren’t able to study so they can go to do some work to help family income is way greater but Finally these three children lose an opportunity that they had. Take the case of Robert Brault quote  “ One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast ”. So it means that try to find a solution that can solve the problem without just get rid out of it and if you always behind other, now you should always start before them because you are moving slower than other. Want to success use Robert Brault quote, if Beggar or Cambodian can follow this quote then they probably step out of poverty.


Overall,  I think that you might deserve to my message figure above and last but not least  I inspire you to take your hand off the beggars anytime you see them, also I hope that there will be a lot of students go to school, and I think in the future Cambodia will attract outside country worker came to work in Cambodia because it changed and become a bright world that everyone knows. If no beggar in Kampuchea, Country will increase education rates, decrease the poverty rate and increase the tourist economy in the Kingdom of wonder.

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