It’s such a long time that I haven’t shared any thoughts and activities that I did in the English literacy class. Well, today, I will let you know what we have been doing for the past month and during the quarantine. This school term, I studied with a new facilitator, plus a new theme, which History.

I learned about the history of the Russian revolution. Learning history isn’t so conflict like I used to think about. Learning from one event in history to another can help us to visualize the whole story of what happened during that specific period. There are emotions and thoughts going into the discussion as well as while learning. Besides, we take the vocabulary quiz once a week, since there’s a lot of deep words. I actually learned a lot of new lessons like propaganda techniques, analyze the character’s personality, new vocab and etc.

After learning the root of the Russian revolution history, we continue to the Animal Farm book by George Orwell, which is the allegory of this revolution. Plenty of British old words that most of them, I can’t understand well. I like how the author used animal symbolism to tell political ideas and stories. READ and Share!!

Now, it comes to a final product for this study topic, meaning that everyone has to show their works and knowledge through a video since we are no longer at school due to the global pandemic. As I went through my friends’ videos, it was all fantastic, they shared thoughtful topics that I haven’t thought of. For me, I chose the children’s storybook, “The journey of wings,” for children to better understand of the animalism. That’s it!

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