Khmer Literacy

Khmer Literacy has been one of the most active and productive classes that I ever have taken over this year. All of the assignments are a very standard level of education, meaning that I have to really focus on my studying in class cautiously. Otherwise, I might miss the main point of the lessons. Writing. Reading. Speaking. Listening. 

MC. In Khmer culture is very essential that you are doing the correct greeting introduction to a different range of people in society. I sometimes struggle to use the right language to greet the monk or minster. The language here at Cambodia is quite complicated since, we need to use it properly (Monk language, King language). I presented my work in front of my teacher as well as my classmates. To stand up and face everyone, while their eyes on me were making me so nervous and so uncomfortable since I never experience it, plus, it’s MY FIRST TIME!! 

Public Speaking. To master communication and persuasive skill, we need to practice a lot of public speaking. There is a lot going into this one topic such as always be confident, energetic, good interaction, great body language, and eye contact. Stood up in class and talked alone while the camera was filming me, that situation was very strange and wired and that’s all I can describe. To be honest, I am not good at this but I have tried my best to show that I can still do it. I have to research on my topic and started to narrate it down before it comes to stage time. You have to collect all of your nervous, uncomfortable, wired, strange emotions then, stack them into one corner after then, step out from that corner and just let yourself experience a new opportunity.  

Novel. Reading time!!!! Yeh- WAIT WAIT!! You Know what? I’m not into book that much but I’m good at encouraging others to do certain acts. So, make sure you spend some time reading the book or articles, just to be in the book world for minutes. You can feel the peace and calm, relax. ME TOO!! I will read. Don’t you worry! I read a book called ថៅកែចិត្តចោរ (Tov ke Chet Joa). We shared our ideas and questions to make us all understand clearly about this book. 

Essay-តែងសេចក្ដី (T’eng sake kdey). The structure of the Khmer essays are so conflicted and we have to follow all of the guiding rules in order to get a full point on each of the part. Most of the time, I don’t remember all of the structures but at least I am doing fine in my class.

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