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How to Twist

  • Materials
  • 1 Yoga Mat
  • A pair of sports clothes (Optional)
  •  If you want to become a professional contortionist, here is the right choice for you. As you’re following along, we will learn step by step (figure below) how to do the twist in Gymnastic. After this activity, you will become an extraordinary contortionist. Please thumbs up if you love it.
  • First, you need to stretch out before you get started so your body’s muscles will be ready for workout activity today. (4-5 minutes)
    Make sure that you stay on a yoga mat so it will protect you from tripping and fall.
  • Next, stand up and lean down to your knees with your both hands down to touch your both foot, so now, your right hand should touch the right foot and your left hand you touch the left foot. (Reminder: your both legs should be open when your both hands touch your foot).
  • After then, your hands need to switch from right side to left side but keep the position the same. (Reminder: your both legs should be open when your both hands touch your foot with the opposite side).
  • finally, make your body curve and put your head under a left hand and look to a front view of your face on the right leg side. (Remainder: If you can’t do it, practice more, again and again until you get it)

Congratulation, You just did it. I hope you enjoy this activity today and don’t forget to practice every day to improve your gymnastic skill. Practice from little to little until you achieve it. Thanks! for your determination for this activity. Bye!

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